Bet On Soccer

After the first days of the season, football fans already have an impression of the potential of each of the squares of the category. That initial contact with the competition can help in predicting how teams will finish the season and bet on who will be the final winner, which sets will qualify for the next Champions League and which will fall.

But nothing is written in these early season and go for a surprise can be very interesting as risking little money at very high awards is chosen. At bwin , the provider of online betting largest sport in Europe, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are still the favorites to win the league title and a share of 1.65 euros per euro bet is offered for victory Barca and 2.20 for the meringue.

Favoritism of these two teams is very large and is reflected in the share of third favorite to win the league championship team, Atletico Madrid, amounting to 51 euros per euro bet and fourth, Valencia, the 151. Is more accurate, at least in the betting, fighting for relegation. The leading candidates to fill one of the last three seats are two newly promoted teams: Elche and Almeria.

The third set would be to descend, according Bwin bettors, Club Atlético Osasuna. However, forecasts are too tight and Valladolid, Rayo Vallecano and Granada Levante also have great options to fill one of those fateful positions and paid less than five dollars per euro bet on the decline of all of them.

However, lean toward a more risky choice and think, for example, the Royal Society descentrará in domestic competition for their participation in the Champions League and ends down is rewarded with a fee of 51 euros per euro bet. And you, do you know how to end the league?