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Just days ago, a report has swirled in the Public Legal sports betting business back strong. The reason is that this report deals primarily with the cheating in sports betting and a scene reveals the billions in sales and makes almost nothing will stop at. Some will scream again and Betting course, especially the sports betting on the Internet demonize, while others want to look at the subject from a completely different angle. But in the end, is also here, where it comes to money, there's crime. Be it in sports betting on the stock market or banks.

After all, nobody would get the idea to ban banking because it has already given it to one or other of fraud. Or so the bank very close because they could indeed be invaded. Also, no one probably has not thought about gas stations to ban because they are often target of an attack. In this area, it's always about to denounce the perpetrators to uncover the crimes and to compensate victims. Things look different from when it comes to online casinos, gambling and sports betting. If anybody is a victim of fraud mafia, then it is your own fault.

And if some powerful criminals Betting use to make money or to launder money, then do not the criminals to be addressed, but their victims so in this case the sportsbook. This will help anyone with such a behavior is clear. The report also showed nice that the big money is made in Asia. But not with games in Asia, but with games in the German Bundesliga A youth, the fourth division, etc. The fraudsters act also globally. You are therefore in laws could not care less. Whether Germany legalizes online sports betting or prohibits not interested in them.

But in Germany the policy does exactly that. They pretend that they could do a decision to legalize or ban on sports betting something against me any fraud. But it does not do. Indeed the opposite is the case. The more countries legalize sports betting on the internet, the easier it is to follow the links. And for most experts is certain that you can find just about unusually high stakes world that something is wrong. Because if the game of a regional youth team at several betting total of more money is put as a top match of the Champions League, then you can strongly assume that something is wrong and react accordingly.