Rugby Betting

It is important to understand that the majority of injuries in rugby occur in the tackle, despite this, the scrum leaves the most serious cases, usually in the column. Therefore, the most exposed positions suffer these damages are the first lines, props and hookers, and locks.

Note that the above posts have the qualities of intelligence, strength, strength and penetration power, also are the first to arrive when the groupings are characterized by frontal tackle and are key to the implementation of the scrum.

Often bad realization in the formations, whether scrum, line, ruck or maul, can cause severe injuries and most of them depends on how you run the same players. To avoid physical preparation is essential, neck and trapezius, in the case of the first lines, also prevention by the referee is a very important factor and players that are accustomed to the position.

In the scrum athletes from both teams should be a reflection of the philosophy of Fair Play, you also have to understand that sport is a key element and varies with the size of the players, each team's own characteristics and climatic conditions . So there are plenty of different variables the same training and often a decision falls on the interpretation of the judge.

During a game you can get to make about 50 scrums, considering that the force must support the players in this situation is between 1 and 1.5 tons, the wear occurring on the front lines generated, in high competition, is changed to all players of that position midway through the second time. Result of this deterioration in the cervical spine injuries, spinal injuries, rib cage, face and skull are generated.