Motor Racing Games

Are you a Formula 1 fan, and wants you to feel the adrenalin of the sport yourself? Sign up for the Forum Racing League ( FRL ) . FRL is an online racing league with a race about ten to twenty participants . This means that you will never have to wait for a place in a team .

When you sign up , you get a car and a helmet to race . Everyone is welcome ! Pleasure is our priority ! To join , you have a good working PC and rFactor needed . For the rest it will cost you nothing because we drive with free mods. A mod is short for modification.

That is to say that there are a few things to be changed. To the original game So basically you get from us the game , rFactor , to participate in racing. The mod which is raced this season , is FSONE their famous Formula 1 season 2009 mod.

Next season we will be having a WPC - mod drive from the Formula 1 2010 season . This championship will start early 2010 , but if you want to do already experience, you can also now sign up for the current season.

There is even raced on Sunday in two weeks . Around 19:30 we open the game . Qualifying begins at 20:15 and 20:30, the race start.

The FRL is organized by the FORR comprising Rub472 , Helraiser31 and Stefan , who also participants . If you want to sign up , you can send a message to someone of FORR . ForumF1 on You'll get access to the FRL - section of the forum.